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Confirmation of Membership

Members of SRO PolyReg can print out a current confirmation of their membership here. To this end, please enter your company name (please spell it exactly according to the entry in the registry of commerce or as it appears on the billing address) and the invoice number of the last invoice for the annual subscription.

Subsequently, a website will appear with the confirmation in postscript format and in PDF format, where the desired version can be downloaded and printed.

Company name: 
Invoice number: 

Confirmation Printout

To display and print out your membership confirmation in PDF format it is best to use Adobe® Acrobat Reader® or - if you are using Linux - xpdf.

If using Linux, a file that is in postscript format can be directly sent to the printer, usually with the command lpr -Pxx <filename>, with xx being the designation of the printer name. Many printers understand and process postscript directly.

To print out postscript in Windows, install the PrintFile program and Ghostscript, whereby you can also use Ghostscript to access non-postscript-capable printers. It is highly recommended that you also install the graphical user interface GSview.