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Authenticity Verification for Membership Confirmation

PolyReg members can have a membership confirmation issued online. Such confirmations do not have a signature, but instead feature an MD5 checksum and a (very long) encrypted code. This makes the confirmations forgery-proof.

As the recipient you can verify the authenticity of an electronically signed membership confirmation online. The MD5 checksum ensures that the text of the confirmation cannot be changed. The encrypted code ensures that the confirmation is not a total forgery (with a forged but correct checksum).

To verify, enter the member's company name, the date of admission and the confirmation's date of issue as well as the encrypted code. Your entries may not deviate from the spelling on your membership confirmation in any way (pay attention to spaces, do not add leading zeros to dates!).

Admission date: 
Date of issue: 
Crypt. code: 

Hint: If an electronic copy of the membership confirmation is available you may copy/paste the Crypt. code into the verification window.