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Costs of membership

An admission fee is due for processing the members application. This fee is not refundable in cases of declined admission or when the application is not admissible.

A full annual fee is due for every calender year or part of a year of membership. This fee is calculated on the basis of the number of executives and staff fulfilling MLA-relevant tasks. A reduced fee is applied to members which carry out MLA-relevant business to an extent of less than 50% of their total business activity.

Number of staff Full fee (CHF) Reduced fee (CHF)
  Admission annual fee Admission annual fee
I (staff of 1-3) 1200 1400 900 1000
II (staff of 4-8) 2400 2800 1800 2000
III (staff of 9-27) 4800 5600 3600 4000
IV (staff of 28+) >~ 9600 >~ 11200 >~ 7200 >~ 8000

Members have the obligation to attend compulsory initial training and recurrent training. Initial training costs CHF 650.-- for a full day per person and recurrent training costs CHF 390.-- for half a day.

Annual audits are charged according to the time spent at CHF 250.-- per hour plus expenses.