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Name lookup in OFAC SDN lists

The following form allows to search for names in the OFAC SDN lists as far as they have been published by the Money Launderin Control Authority. Additional UN sanction lists, SECO Al-Quaïda/Taliban lists and the sanctions against Myanmar and Liberia have been integrated into the search engine. PolyReg assumes no liability for the completenes or correctness of the data. Use at your own risk.

A maximum of 100 hits per search is retrieved. Please use your browser's GO BACK button to return to the search form.

Search form

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Howto use fulltext search

Search mode

Two search modes are at your disposition:

Search words are entered as is. Capitalisation does not matter. The engine works best in natural language mode. If you know what you are doing you may try boolean search mode.

Natural language mode

This mode will find words in the lists which are a complete match with one or more of your search words. You can't use jokers.

All words with less than 2 letters or appearing in more than 50% of the documents will be ignored. This mode will further ignore stopwords. Stopwords are the most frequently used words with no statistical significance to the search.

Boolean search

This mode accepts a limited set of logical operators. Words appearing in more than 50% of the documents will not be ignored in boolean search mode. The following rules apply:

  • Don't try to use 'AND' or 'OR' as logical operators. It will not work.

  • "Abu Sayyaf"
    The search looks for the quoted combination of words.

  • mustafa mohamed hussein
    The search looks for texts containing one or more of these words. The logical operator OR is implied between these words.

  • +mustafa +mohamed +hussein
    This is the 'AND' function. Eack word with a prefix of '+' must appear in the text.

  • Mustafa Mohamed -Fadhil
    The word 'Fadhil' may not appear in the text.

  • switz*
    This is the joker. The search will find 'Switzerland'. The joker must be at the end of the search word.