Becoming a member

According to the Statutes, membership in the Association is open to any natural person or legal entity that is required to join a self-regulating organisation as a financial intermediary under Article 2 para. 2 let. bbis or para. 3 of the Anti-Money Laundering Act and meets the requirements of Article 14 para. 2 AMLA. Furthermore, in accordance with §3 para. 2 of the Statutes, a voluntary membership is possible.

A member may be accepted under the following conditions:

  • The member itself, the persons it entrusts with the tasks of management and administration, and all employees working for it in the domain of financial intermediation must enjoy a good reputation with regard to their activity as financial intermediary and be able to guarantee fulfilment of their obligations under the AMLA and the Regulations.
  • The member undertakes to conduct its activity at all times in accordance with the object laid down in the Statutes.
  • The member undertakes to comply at all times with the obligations laid down in the AMLA, the directives issued by the FINMA, and the Regulations pursuant to Art. 25 of the AMLA.

Applications for admission to the Association may be submitted to the administrative office by means of a legally signed application form.

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