Confirmation of Membership

Members of SRO PolyReg can print out a current confirmation of their membership here. To this end, please enter your company name and the invoice number of the last invoice for the annual subscription.

Authenticity Verification

As the recipient you can verify the authenticity of an electronically signed membership confirmation online. To verify, enter the member's company name, the date of admission and the confirmation's date of issue as well as the encrypted code.

Use of the PolyReg logo

Members of SRO PolyReg are permitted to use the PolyReg logo on their website to indicate their existing membership. The following conditions apply:

  • The format should be small and should not exceed the size of the references to other partners or the height of 60px.
  • A link to the home page of SRO PolyReg should be placed with the logo, i.e. at
  • The logo is to be removed immediately and without request upon termination of the membership.


Becoming a member Contact