Membership costs

PolyReg charges an admission fee for the examination of the membership application, which is owed in the sense of an examination fee even if the membership application has to be rejected or if it cannot be accepted.

Each member pays an annual fee per calendar year, which is assessed according to the number of persons with AMLA-relevant functions working in the company. The annual premium was adjusted as of 1.1.2024 and takes into account the supervisory levy. The minimum annual premium for small businesses is generally Fr. 1800 (reduced fee of Fr. 1400 for financial intermediaries without a majority of AMLA-relevant activities; inactive members pay Fr. 950 per year). For company size IV, the Board determines the admission fees and the annual premium in consultation with the member. However, this may not be lower than for members of company size III.

Company sizeFull fee (in CHF)Reduced fee (in CHF)

I (1-3 Persons)1600180012001400
II (4-8 Persons)2600300020002500
III (9-27 Persons)5000580040004500
IV (28+ Persons)≥12000≥15000≥10000≥12000

Full details are set out in the fee schedule which is issued by the Board.

Membership of SRO PolyReg requires attendance at mandatory training events. The one-day basic training is offered at a price of Fr. 650.-, the annual half-day recurrent training course at Fr. 450.- (each incl. catering and course documents).

In general, each member is audited annually. The auditing costs for PolyReg accredited auditors are Fr. 250.- per hour. From the third year of membership onwards, there is the possibility of an audit deferral under certain conditions (cf. §51 of the Regulations).

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