List of audit companies approved by PolyReg

For AMLA auditors

AMLA audits of financial intermediaries affiliated to SRO PolyReg may only be carried out by audit companies and lead auditors approved by SRO PolyReg in accordance with Art. 24a AMLA.

The audit company is licensed pursuant to Art. 24a para. 2 AMLA if it:

  1. is licensed by the Federal Audit Oversight Authority as an auditor pursuant to Article 6 of the Audit Oversight Act of 16 December 2005;

  2. is sufficiently organised for this audit in accordance with Art. 22a para. 1 AMLO; and

  3. neither itself nor other persons associated with it pursuant to Art. 22a para. 2 AMLO engage in other activities requiring authorisation under the financial market legislation pursuant to Art. 1 para. 1 FINMASA;

  4. has sufficient liability insurance or equivalent financial security in accordance with the requirements of Art. 22a para. 3 AMLO.

Pursuant to Art. 24a Para. 3 AMLA, the following persons may be approved as lead auditors 

  1. is licensed by the Federal Audit Oversight Authority as an auditor in accordance with Article 5 of the Audit Oversight Act; and

  2. has the necessary specialist knowledge and practical experience in accordance with Art. 22b para. 1 AMLO by:

    1. being able to provide evidence of professional experience of at least 5 years in the provision of statutory audit services; and

    2. providing evidence of at least 200 audit hours in the field of AMLA auditing; and

    3. providing evidence of at least 4 hours of continuing education focused on the field of examination in the period of the last 12 months prior to the submission of the application.

Approval is required for all lead auditors and audit firms who wish to carry out AMLA audits at financial intermediaries of SRO PolyReg. An existing licence to conduct audits under the financial market legislation will be taken into account and will facilitate admission under Art. 22b para. 3 AMLO with PolyReg, but will not replace it. Application for approval must be sent to the office using the following forms:

Approval of audit firms
Approval of lead auditors

For questions in connection with the approval as AMLA auditor at SRO PolyReg, please contact our office.

The performance and reporting of AMLA audits is governed by the supervision concept of SRO PolyReg and must be carried out using the audit report form. The working papers are to be kept in the sense of the sample template "Arbeitsprotokoll" and, in the case of financial intermediaries with a high risk, are to be submitted together with the audit report without being requested to do so.

The audit company as well as the lead auditors must report any changes in the conditions that led to the approval to SRO PolyReg on their own initiative and without delay.

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