07.11.2023 / Webinar / EN


Tuesday, 07.11.2022
13:30 - 17:00 h



The livestream will be made available via the streaming platform Zoom.


Fr. 390.-
incl. documents

07.11.2023 / Webinar / EN

The annual training obligation is fulfilled by a so-called recurrent training (RT). The recurrent training lasts half a day and is mainly devoted to case studies from AMLA practice. In addition, internal SRO issues are refreshed and deepened. The documents from the initial training form the basis for the recurrent training but are supplemented and updated during this training.

The course is in English.

Course content

  • Introduction & Presentation PolyReg Group
  • Overview of developments in financial market law
  • Revision of the Regulations 2023
  • In-depth study of the MROS reporting system
  • AMLA revisions: The new audit report 2023
  • Revision of the Statutes 2023


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